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Travel Related Table Of Contents - Everything at this site. Please feel free to submit any articles or stories you feel might be of interest to other members of this forum. Thanks.


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Though this site is still under construction, please feel free to login and participate in the forum. The TravelFun360 forum is fully functional, free, moderated, and your registration info is kept strictly confidential.

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TravelFun360 is a [ ChatSanctum / DotComDelight ] fast launch website project. This site features the ChatSanctum social networking - round table discussion forum. This, and all websites based on the ChatSanctum template have user-posted multimedia support and advanced database driven chat and forum functionality. Though this TravelFun360 website has been developed from the DotComDelight Portfolio of premium E-commerce domains, the ChatSanctum template (on which this site is based) can also be deployed as a fast launch tool for anyone who needs a quality social networking website posted quickly (using any domain). Other services associated with the ChatSanctum template include optional: webmastering and the "Site & Geek Lease Package" (visit ChatSanctum for details). Click on the "Affiliated Sites" link below for a list of sites based on this template. Don't forget to watch the introductory video via the "Site Tutorials" link, and afterwards - please log in and share in the discussions.

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My name is Scott French. I am the creator and webmaster of this website. Please feel free to contact me.


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Hi, my name is Scott French and I am the owner and creator of this website. This domain and website are part of a Portfolio of Ecommerce Assets I am offering for sale. I refer to this portfolio (about 220 Premium Domains in all) as the DotComDelight collection. For more info Click:

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For those using this site - Please Note - It is my goal that this site retain the original inspiration that attracted you here. I will do all I can to continue developing, running, and guiding this site in that direction - regardless of who owns it. Thanks.

For questions or more info, please feel free to contact me at: mail@ScottFrench.info

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My name is Scott French; I made this site using a social networking technology - which, I created and call: "ChatSanctum". If you need a custom tailored website with Chat & Forum functionality, please consider letting me build it for you using my ChatSanctum template (Click: "SiteTutorials" for a short video explanation of the ChatSanctum forum in action). The ChatSanctum social networking template can be used with your domains, or you can have a custom site launched using ChatSanctum along with a domain you select from the DotComDelight portfolio. In addition, I can help you create and deploy all types of media content from: text articles, promo ads, video presentations, sound, pictures, slide shows, etc.. And if you like, I can also handle your ongoing webmastering needs as well.

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